The Camp

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The Pathfinder Expedition consists of a small number of Pathfinders active throughout Sargava the Shackles and the Mwangi Expanse, a handful of Ekujae elves, and a larger number of Zenj tribesmen and women working primarily as laborers.

Pathfinders: (5 + PCs)
Amivor Glaur (Expedition Leader)
Gelik Aberwhinge – Explorer, chronicler, and con artist.
Halion Twinklefoot – Halfling loudmouth and partner of Imogen.
Imogen Duskwalker – Elven arcane sniper. Extreme introvert and partner of Halion.
Divad Cooper – Blustering portly cavalier. Head of camp security.

Zenj Tribespeople: (Around 40 people)
Nkechi the Tempest – Elderly Mwangi Shaman. Irritable and Unpredictable.

Ekujae: (4)
Ahlua – One of the elven scouts. Has expressed some interest in Archibald.

The Camp

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