Discovery Points

1) The Lost Azlanti City of Saventh-Yhi, was also known as the City of Seven Spears.
Looking out over the valley where the city is hidden it became apparent that the title was somewhat literal. Each district of the city has a ziggurat at its heart with a massive stone spear rising from it. The ziggurats are 100 feet high with the spears extending another 100 feet beyond that.

2) The city has remained hidden for millenial cloaked by epic Azlanti magic.
-The entire valley is obscured by a mirage arcana type of effect at CL 20. When viewed from outside the valley, the entire area appears to be densely forested jungle hills.
-Everything within Saventh-Yhi is warded by an epic level nondetection vs scrying or divination originating from outside the valley. (DC 36 to penetrate)
-The city itself has been infused with preservetative magic to greatly slow the effects of time and erosion. As a result, everything within the city radiates strong transmutation auras. Some structures or monuments have been warded more intensively than others.

3) The entrance to Saventh-Yhi was overlooked by a watchtower that doubled as an aerial assault platform.
The tower now claimed by the Pathfinder Society once housed massive flying beetles bred for battle by the Azlanti and their handlers who would ride them into battle.

4) Each spear extending from the ziggurats house massive quantities of epic level magic. Currently they are more or less dormant. Even dormant, the spears seem to exert some influence over those in their district.
Mercantile District: +2 Diplomacy
Artisan District: +2 Craft and Perform

5) Certain aspects of the city were originally fueled by elemental bound crystals housed in arcane power stations.
It seems the stations can be temporarily activated through spellcasting, but long term use requires an elemental bound into a specialized crystal. Effects observed so far include will o’wisps called and bound into lighting fixtures and a spike in the power level of the district spear.

6) One of the districts of Saventh-Yhi was the Mercantile District.
Buildings found in the district so far are primarily old shop fronts and open air markets as well as a red light district.

7) The Central Treasury of Saventh-Yhi appeared to be the site of a massive battle with the structure scorched by fire and acid.
The Treasury was presided over by a large statue of Abadar as part of the Azlanti pantheon.

8) One of the districts of Saventh-Yhi was devoted to the arts.
The Artisan district is ruled over by the Radiant Muse, a lillend azata bound to the district by the Azlanti. Acting as a living god to the humans of her tribe, the lillend is undeniably mentally unbalanced.

9) The Azlanti may have crafted items able to tap into the power of the spears.
At least one ring found by the group seems able to do just that. It bears soem resemblance to the Sihedron Rune common to ancient Thassilon in that is is seven spikes making a star surrounding a pearl.
Mercantile District:
Artisan District:

Discovery Points

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