Base Camp

Building Camp

While exploring Saventh-Yhi, your expedition will need a base camp that balances defense, access to fresh water and good building material as well as trade routes out of the city. When establishing a camp you split a pool of points between Defense, Supply, and Exploration.


This score represents your camp’s ability to defend itself from threats. They roll 1d20 + their defense score vs 15 + CR of the encounter. Failure results in injuries, damage to the camp and possibly death of expedition members. A camp has 20 hit points. A failed defense roll inflicts the CR of the encounter as damage. If the camp is ever reduced to 0 hps your expedition has ben wiped out. While stragglers may survive as npcs, the Pathfinders no longer exist as a camp with resources to draw on.

Score: 12 (11 +1 Gelik)


Supply represents proximity to fresh water, natural resources for rebuilding and maintaining the camp and how invested your expedition is in fast turn around on gear requests.

Score: 6 (4 +2 Camped near Water)

Repair: When the camp has been damaged or members injured in an attack, once per day it can roll 1d20 + supply score to rebuild and tend to the injured.
DC 15 = 1d6 points rebuilt
DC 20 = 2d6
DC 25 = 3d6

Supplies: For anything costing over 2,500 gp your camp will acquire it on their next run back to Kalabuto. To determine how long that will take roll 1d20 + your supply score. Return time is 30 days minus your result, minimum of one week.


As members of the Pathfinder Society your camp has access to experts in various fields like ancient languages, arcane theory, ancient religion and history and archaeology. Their expertise can be brought to bear in mapping and understanding the mysteries of Saventh-Yhi.

Score: 15 (9 +4 PFS affiliation, +2 Camped in Ruins)

Mapping and Surveying the City: Amivor Glaur has a second team of experts dedicated to exploring the city. Every day that they are not tasked with working out a specific mystery, they roll a 1d20 + exploration score vs DC 20.
20 = 1 discovery point
30 = 2 discovery points

Unraveling a Mystery: If the players have run into something that they can’t work out they can ask Amivor to put a team on it. In that case they roll 1d20 + exploration score vs the current DC in the appropriate district. Success = 1 discovery point. This roll is in place of the roll for surveying the city for the day.

Discovery Points:
Being the first expedition to acquire 120 discovery points and survive to tell the tale, ensures your fame and fortune long beyond the events of this adventure path. In the book there is an experience reward tied that goal. Since we aren’t using experience points per se, something else will be in order but I’m still working it out. Be warned that the other camps are also building up their own pool of discovery points and most are trying to beat you to that goal.

NOTE: Due to a deal made with the Pirate camp you can share discovery points with them as if you had spent Prestige in your own camp on a one for one basis. You do not lose your own discovery points by doing this, but sharing discoveries with them could get you material goods, services, etc.

Base Camp

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