Fame and Prestige

The longer you work with the Pathfinder Society on the expedition to Saventh-Yhi and prove yourself to be a valuable field agents the more they are willing to invest in you. Mechanically certain achievements will net you Fame and Prestige points. Your Fame score increases over time and can only be decreased by notable failure or betrayal of the Pathfinder Society. Each Fame point gained also gives you one Prestige point which allows you to use your connections within the Society for gear, favors, assistance, etc.

Group Fame
1 – Finding the ancient Azlanti temples of the Zura cult and saving Gelik.

1 – Putting down the Freeman’s revolt in Eleder.

1 – Defeating the Rivermen’s Guild assassins hired by the Aspis Consortium.

Uses for Fame

Uses for Prestige

Fame and Prestige

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