Serpent's Skull

Arrival in Savinth-Yhi

After another few days trek through the jungle the Pathfinder Expedition found the lost city. They cleared a long lost path up a waterfall and used plant growth to bury it again.

Making their way across a rope bridge the group was attacked by pteranadons and down a rock path below several giant crocodiles. A significant show of force was enough to drive them off. The expedition traveled to the outskirts of the city and made a makeshift camp in the jungle.

The entire valley the city is based in is covered by an epic level magic to keep it hidden.
-Mirage Arcana makes the entire valley to appear as densely forested jungle hills from the outside.
-Nondetection makes the entire valley undetectable by scrying or divination of any kind. Both scrying and divination function normally within the valley.
-A strong transmutation has been applied over the city to massively slow the effects of time and erosion.

Day 2
The party begins some initial exploration of the structures closest to them. The nearest buildings contained what were probably slave pens, slaughter houses and other nasty professions relegated to the outlying districts. They spotted a tower on a nearby hill and decided to explore and claim it as a base of operation. The tower turned out to be a nest of many blood drinking batlike humanoids and the battle over their nest was brutal, but the Pathfinders won in the end and claimed the tower.

-The sabosan worshiped Zura, the demon Queen of cannibalism and blood drinking who had once been an Azlanti Queen.
-The curse which afflicted one of the members of the original explorers in the temple of the Azlanti Zura cultists had transformed him into one of these sabosan.
-The art of their creation myth depicts them as being transformed from humans into sabosan by Zura’s blessing.

Day 3
Spent building camp and repairing the tower.
Imogen creates a treasure map from the hide of a dead sabosan leading to two places in the city.

Day 4
The group heads out for the closer location on Imogen’s treasure map. On the way a group of natives, made in the form of humans (stitched together from the flesh of many bodies with extra limbs and some of them in partial states of decay) approach them. On finding that the group have killed the sabosan they grant them free passage through their district, but ask that they make no permanent camps in their territory. Archibald asks to learn their history and they agree, but insist that he study it with one of their own bards.

The location marked on the map turns out to be the Central Treasury of Savinth-Yhi. The building was flooded and partially collapsed and showed signs of a massive battle. Most of the group decided to swim into the sunken vaults in search of treasure and quickly found themselves surrounded by shadows eager to drain their life force…

-Sir Guido’s Ring of Seven Virtues activated once he entered a a proper city district. One of the seven spikes flared and activated a few new abilities and bonuses for him.
-The ring is drawing power from the monolith spear atop the ziggurat in this district. The spear is currently dormant.
-The Umasi, also known as the Harvestmen, were an ancient tribe of Mwangi people who were cursed by a witchdocotor who they disrepected. They are immortal but sterile. Their bodies decay slowly and they survive by stitching new flesh and organs to replace the dead.
The Umasi leader named the other major tribes of the city:
-Children of the Spear (charau-ka)
-Tribe of the Sacred Serpent (humans)
-Tribe of the Green God (frog men)
-Cult of the Mantis (foul smelling lizard people)
-They do not travel among the district he called the fungal forest because it is too dangerous.
-The Treasury was not always on an island. Despite the preservative magic the shoreline of the lake has obviously changed since the city was built.



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